Many years ago the anonymous Australian rock group TISM (known for their satirical songs and over-the-top performances) appeared on Hey Hey It's Saturday, singing their song "Saturday Night Palsy".

I got a strong feeling that they had offended a lot of people and certainly wouldn't be invited back on TV, given that Daryl Somers was taken aback at the song title (which is a nickname for Radial Neuropathy and is also known as Honeymoon Palsy), not to mention some of the lyrics ("I don't want to live and I don't want to die / I want a red hot poker through the eye"), plus the reassurance by the crew that "this was NOT Red Faces"

But I'm interested in how they even got on TV in the first place. Did they send the producers a less potentially offensive song, then switch? Was it all planned? Did someone get fired for it?

I've had a bit of a search for answers, but most interviews with the group have nothing to do with that performance, or are mention in passing, or may even be fictitious, given their perchance to exaggerate.

  • There used to be a video on youtube, where one of the members of TISM was doing a question/Answer acoustic gig in a small pub in Melbourne, he went into great detail about how they all hated Daryl and didn't want to do the gig, but buggered if I can find it now? – user1792 Jan 28 '16 at 11:24

Edit, found better info here:

I remember that Daryl Somers was taken aback with Saturday Night Palsy on Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

I actually went to the Channel 9 building the other day; they’ve turned it into apartments with this incredibly groovy café. All of the waiters and baristas all look like rock stars, they’ve all go the Chet Faker going on. But anyway, I was saying to my friends that spot there, all twenty-eight of us warmed up before going on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and as per usual they gave me that patient tolerant look and went back to their normal conversation. So I don’t know if Daryl put that on or not but we got into trouble subsequently because we put out a press release which had a graph of “Who gives a shit if Ricky May died” - I think it was naught percent. There was an article in the Sunday Observer or some horrible newspaper of the time with the producer of Hey Hey asking “Who are these TISM people?” So yeah I think we may have burned that bridge.

source: http://www.theaureview.com/interviews/damian-cowell-melbourne-chats-about-his-disco-machine-and-life-after-tism

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