Alright, there is a song that I have become obsessed with called "Train to Satanville" by Gin Gillette

I have been searching high and low to find out any real information about the singer. I found one other song she did called "She'll Never Let Him Go." But beyond that, I can't find a single thing about this woman! Please help if you know anything!

  • Nice song... good luck to find her ! Only appears on this disc Scum of the Earth maybe if you find the LP you will have more info on the cover... – Bebs Nov 26 '16 at 7:34

I found this interesting story about it, but ironically the writer actually did not want to know anything about her! Here is the interview of DJ Andrew Weatherall.

Page archive here.

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I think Gin Gillette is actually Robie Lester who did Disney Records in the 60s. If you look at the 45 she is part of the production.

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