What does the ending words of "Catch the Rainbow" (by Rainbow) chorus mean?

If "life is not a wheel of chains made of steel", what is?

And why the singer asks to be blessed?

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Exact lyrics are

But life's not a wheel

With chains made of steel

If you go for a long bicycle ("wheel") trip, especially at night, and if your bicycle's chain is not made of steel but of a brittler material, I assume you'll fear at every moment that something may go wrong and you'll ask to be saved from any misfortune ("blessed"). This is just my understanding, though.


A wealthy girl is sleeping with some poor boy. There's the first problem. The wheel was a medieval torture device used up into the 1800s. So he's asking for blessing when dawn comes.. maybe so they aren't found out or so that he escapes torture. Life's not a wheel with chains made of steel so bless me come the dawn. Read it as one sentence.

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