The first time I heard Toto's Good For You from their album IV it reminded me of the Minder theme song, not just lyrically but musically as well. Is there any connection or is it just a coincidence?

Minder theme song as sung by Denis Waterman:

I could be so good for you. I'm gonna help ya!
Love you like you want me to. I’ll do anything for you … I’ll be so good for you.

Toto - Good For You:

I could be good for you,
you could be good for me too

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Very very unlikely -

Good for You - from the album Toto IV, 1982

I Could Be So Good for You - Minder theme, ITV series 1979.

It's not an uncommon sound, though.
It's what I'd call 'Pub Rock with a hint of Chas & Dave' - well, the Minder theme, not Toto ;)

The music was written by Gerard Kenny, an American jobbing songwriter in the UK with sufficient background & experience to be able to write to a brief - in similar vein to such as Mickie Most & his school of writers, Nicky Chinn, Mike Chapman, et al.
(There's another guy wrote TV themes in similar style around that time - when I can remember his name I'll add him)

Personally, I feel the 'builder rock' genre simultaneously reached its pinnacle & nadir with Auf Wiedersehen Pet's intro - That's Livin' Alright & outro in quieter vein Breakin' Away [which I always felt owed a lot to Roger Daltrey's Giving it All Away] - though it possibly started with Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads - even allowing for the fact that was kind of doing a post-Beatlesque meets the Wombles thing too.

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