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"Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor RV 522" from A. Vivaldi, revisited by J.S. Bach

It's the first time I ask a question on musicfans.SE. Please don't be too severe :) Given the fact that J.S. Bach was very fond of the music of A. Vivaldi, he has revisited many of his pieces. I am ...
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Venetian baroque keyboard pieces

I'm looking for keyboard pieces written in the musical baroque period by Venetian composers. With "keyboard" I mean a solo piece that could be played on harpsichord or on a piano. I'm not ...
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Philippe Sarde's "Marie se retire de l'amour": style, inspiration?

Regarding the number Marie se retire de l'amour that one can hear in the movie "La Princesse de Montpensier", can someone familiar with XVIth (XVth... ?) century music tell me what inspired Phillipe ...
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Need help to identify this baroque keyboard sonata

I only have the 25 seconds of a baroque piece. It sounds like harpsichord but I'm not sure and it also sounds like E minor. I have been looking for it for years no success. I tried to search E minor ...
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What is the name of the piece in the ballroom scene in "The Favourite" (2018)?

There is a piece of baroque music played during the ballroom dance scene of "The Favourite" (2018), which was not released on the official soundtrack. What is this piece?
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"Fidi amanti" from Vivaldi's Dorilla in Tempe

The music of aria "Fidi amanti che costanti", in third act of Vivaldi's opera "Dorilla in Tempe", is not extant. A version of it, however, was performed in the recent Naïve recording, but with no clue ...
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Vivaldi RV 580 - is it for guitar or violin? Confused why it's listed both ways

As I type this, I'm listening to Vivaldi's Concerto in B Minor for 4 Guitars and Cello, which is labeled RV 580 and has the title "L'estro Armonico No 10." This is the specific recording: https://...
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Where can I find information about compositions using composer and catalogue number?

I am really curious about Vivaldi RV 440, RV 418 and RV 63 (La Follia) etc: When were they created? Are there any certain subjects/reasons behind each composition? What databases can I use to find ...
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What is the following Bach edition number? [closed]

I heard the following Bach Bouree but I'm unsure about what the edition number is. I looked for a long while until I found it recently.
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Is it actually possible to dance a Sarabande to Erik Satie's "Sarabandes"?

In 1887 Erik Satie composed the "Sarabandes", three pieces of solo piano music. A "Sarabande" is also a kind of medieval dance. Are Satie's Sarabandes actually Sarabande music in the sense that you ...
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Why is Broschi's "Son qual nave ch'agitata" in Vivaldi's opera "L'oracolo in Messenia"?

It's supposed to be composed by Riccardo Broschi but i realized it was on the list of the album of the opera L'oracolo in Messenia by Vivaldi.
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Name of the baroque music in the movie Lush Life (1993)? [closed]

I'd like to know the name of the baroque piece in the scene where Al Gorky plays the recorder.
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"False Consonances of Melancholy" album title

What does the title of Gli Incogniti's "False Consonances of Melancholy" refer to? Is it an allusion to something? Is it word play of some sort?
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