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Questions tagged [buckethead]

For questions about the musician Buckethead (AKA Brian Patrick Carroll) and his music.

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12 votes
1 answer

Why doesn't Buckethead play live shows any more?

According to Buckethead's Wikipedia page, he played his last live on December 2012 and hasn't played anywhere since. His own tour page doesn't have any info on any upcoming events. Do we know why he ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Is Buckethead's trademark bucket hat an actual KFC bucket?

Buckethead is known for wearing a white mask and a KFC bucket on his head. Is that an actual KFC bucket, or is it a "replica" made from a more robust material?
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16 votes
4 answers

Why does Buckethead's bucket say 'Funeral'?

Buckethead is known for wearing a KFC bucket as a hat: Recently he stuck a 'Funeral' sticker to the bucket: Has he ever given any explanation to the word 'Funeral' ? Why does he have it on his ...
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