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What rhythm is taking the drummer in the middle of the Knocked Up (Kings of Leon) song?

The drummer of Kings of Leon takes various rhythms in the Knocked Up song. He beats short and sharp blows and, in my mind, it's that who gives its signature to this song, especially in its second part....
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How do you make a arabic sounding flute in reaper or bandlab?

I'm making an Arabic jazz album for a music class project, that's kinda like the astounding eyes of rita album by Anouar Brahem, and in the album there's a lot flute and Arabic percussion in the album,...
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Is there a name for this percussive beat in the beginning of Jon Batiste's Freedom video and Pogo's Do You?

After 00:06 in Jon Batiste's video Freedom there is a drum beat with six "notes" (I don't know the proper term) per measure, and Pogo's video Do You begins with almost exactly the same ...
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Why is unpitched percussion so dominant in music produced in the last century onward?

The motivation for this question is personal; I find unpitched percussion grating, and thus the way that I will pose the question will be colored by that. The prevalence of unpitched percussion is ...
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What is the meaning behind a drummer calling his style of playing as 'orchestrational' (as opposed to 'strict time')?

I was watching an interview with Black Sabbath's drummer Bill Ward and he said that his drumming style is orchestrational as opposed to strict time. What does he mean by 'orchestrational'? How does ...
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Is there a genre that mixes punk rock and jazz/marching band that isn't ska?

I'm looking for a very specific sound, and I'm certain I won't be able to find it on my own. The sound I'm looking for is similar to a marching band (meaning, very brassy and a lot of woodwinds), but ...
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I'm wondering if there is a word for drum rhythms that make you want to dance?

I'd really like to find a word that means dancing to the sound of drums, percussion, or just the way you feel when music makes you want to dance!
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Jazz fusion groups, albums or songs with highly syncopated and accentuated drums and bass sections?

I was wondering if someone could recommend a preferably modern fusion (or any other as long as it leans on the jazz side of things) group, album or track, that has specifically heavy,rich and ...
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What is the name of the drum type that sounds like a tin can?

It sounds like drumming with a stick over a simple tin can turned upside down. I have noticed it many times, but in particularly in a couple of songs featuring Slash: Night Train from 0:07 to 0:28 ...
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How is the effect called when you slap a drum stick on the metal edge of the snare?

I am actually looking for a sample that contains this effect, like in this song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at 0:55
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1 answer

What are the two main genres that pitch bend drum hits?

In the Netherlands or something when they use drums they often edit or synthesize each hit to accelerate downward in pitch and have an electronic timbre. It's a low pitched drum that sounds like daum ...
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3 answers

What is a typical reggaeton beat called?

While listening to this reggaeton song, I was wondering if there is a specific name for such a beat, like western techno songs typical have a 4/4 beat.
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What differentiates the 808 kicks from others?

I know the origin of 808 bass kicks is the Roland TR-808 drum machine. But what differentiates them from the bass kicks of other drum machines? What made them so widespread, even today? Isn't there ...
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When did the "standard drumkit" become popular in music

When did the standard drum kit become popular in music. My definition of standard drum kit being: snare drum bass drum hi-hat cymbal(s) tom-tom(s)
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