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What kind of equipment do you need to watch opera videos with good sound on your TV?

I have a laptop computer; a Samsung SmartTV; and a couple of good audio (non-digital) speakers. I might need a receiver: but what kind of receiver? The problem I have: When I connect the computer to ...
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How do I play a 16⅔ RPM record?

I bought an LP record from a local library and back home turned it on to hear it. And I get very funny voice like somebody is on helium. I thought I had it on 45 and wanted to switch to 33, but it was ...
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I love listen to music on enhanced bass setups: does this means I'm changing the timbre/content of the piece as I prefer?

I'm not talking about the factor "bass in your stomach", which is an additional perception when you listen to music. Also on headphones (so no body involved): systems with enhanced bass (from ...
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Why are equalizers set with high and low tones boosted compared to the middle tones?

If you take a look at Wikipedia's page on Equalization, it shows a picture with the high and low tones boosted, while the mid tones aren't typically touched. In addition, I know I've seen this on ...
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Linear turntables - more damaging than a standard turntable?

Many years ago, at a high end audio store the sales person was strongly recommending making a tape of anything that will play on linear tracking turntable. Assume that you could create an equal ...
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Why do guitarists use different gear in the studio than when playing live?

Many guitarists (for instance Ian D'Sa) admit to using different gear in the studio. What are the reasons for this? All answers gave some info in general. Anyway Ian answered this question :) http:/...
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Ear pads for Grado SR225 headphones [closed]

I have both the Grado SR2225 headphones, and the Sennheiser Urbanite XL. I like the ear pads on the Sennheiser much better. The Sennheiser is covered with some sort of soft fabric, while the Grados ...
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Identify MM or MC pickup

I have an old turntable which I now want to connect to my amp via a phono preamp. It of course has inputs for both MC and MM pickups. Since I didn't buy the turntable or the pickup, I don't know which ...
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When did the "standard drumkit" become popular in music

When did the standard drum kit become popular in music. My definition of standard drum kit being: snare drum bass drum hi-hat cymbal(s) tom-tom(s)
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Does the type of music you listen to factor into determining which speakers to buy?

When I browsing Amazon for speakers I see in the description specifications like maximum input power, Frequency response curve, Audio Sensitivity etc. Does the type of music you listen to factor into ...
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How can I know if I'm damaging my hearing when listening to headphones?

I've been told that it's easy to damage my ears by listening too loud on headphones, but however loud I listen (within limits), I find my ears get used to it after a short time. It was recommended to ...
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