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ffmpeg parameters for flac -> mp3 for non-audiophile playing?

I currently rip my physical CDs to FLAC and then convert to mp3 for playing in various players: car, phone, desktop/laptop. Having the FLAC is proof against physical loss, at the expense of ...
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Q: why would two mp3 files of the same song (apparently same characteristics) be wildly different in size?

I noticed I've ripped two different Arlo Guthrie CDs that I own ("Alice's Restaurant", and "The Best of Arlo Guthrie"). Rips probably done with different programs, years apart. ...
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Creating Mp3 file from Audio

I have some CDs with copy protection that I would like to rip to MP3s. I have Ableton Live Lite 10 - so used it to record the Audio from the tracks - then thought I could Export the audio as MP3 from ...
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Legal way to pay for an MP3 that best supports the artist?

Been recently buying MP3s from various artists. I quite like MP3s over streaming as its at least a physical file that I have for my purchase. However, it seems as the world has moved to streaming, it'...
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Ripping MP3s from CDs

I have Gigabytes of MP3s that I've ripped over the years from my collection of CDs. I've always used Windows Media Player to Rip music with no problems whatsoever. However, I've recently bought a ...
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id3tags v2.4 and advanced schema for music metadata (v.2)

Due to my lack of time and to the fact that I am not sure whether this the right place to ask such a question I will post my question & my research efforts into parts, and continue expanding it ...
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How should I efficiently discover, collect, store and access new music in 2015?

Always been a huge music fan (of the stored terabytes variety). But I suspect my methods went out of date around 2008 (rip my CDs, rip friends' CDs, otherwise get hands on mp3s, rename everything ...
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