What is the music style from a lot of 70's Japanese anime or tokusatsu series called?

I'm trying to find a term that includes all that type of music, as a lot of them sound kinda similar. I don't know very well how to explain why they all sound that similar but listening to them is enough.

For example these 3 videos:

There are quite a lot of other examples which sound similar from series from the 70's.

What is this style (I guess it has to be considered one) called?

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I tried to think of something famous with a similar spirit, and I came up with Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood from the Kill Bill soundtrack. The vocals there are a lot more on the funk side (whereas the singers in your examples are ballad-like), but everthing else seems close enough.

The Wiki for that song says that the Kill Bill version is a four-on-the-floor disco arrangement. So the broad answer to your question is disco.

If you are not convinced, listen to Michel LeGrand's Disco Magic Concorde from 1978, and imagine enthusiastic Japanese voices singing over it :)

I would still be interested to know if the combination of the ballad voices with the disco base is a subgenre of disco (like in your examples and in Michel LeGrand's piece)...


These songs are a pastiche of popular late 60s and early 70s pop styles. The first has a distinctly Western feel, perhaps via the Italo-Western style innovated by Ennio Morricone.

@Alvaro is correct that the second and third tracks are perhaps best characterized as disco derivatives, but they are closer to 70s Euro Disco than to US disco. Euro Disco, as exemplified by groups like Boney M and ABBA, has that characteristic 4-on-the-floor disco beat, but less of the direct African-American funk influences than US disco, and more of the ballad-style vocals.

With all that said, I strongly suspect that this music isn't anime specific, but represents what pop styles generally sounded like in Japan in the 70s. For that reason, the best answer may well be 70s J-Pop.

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