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Reason for ID3 "Bright colored fish"?

I noticed that ID3 has a list of types of images that can be embedded in an audio file: The TYPE must be one of the following: OTHER, ICON, OTHER_ICON, FRONT_COVER, BACK_COVER, LEAFLET, MEDIA, ...
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Why do CD "releases" often contain only one big, long FLAC file instead of individual track files?

I have noticed that many lossless (pirate) releases of CDs don't contain each track as its own FLAC file. Instead, there is one big FLAC file of the entire disc, with every track baked together, and ...
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Is there a name for a song(s) within a song?

Is there a technical term for a song that essentially transitions into another song or songs, then may or may not come back to an original theme at the end? Off the top of my head, the only examples I ...
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What digital medium should I choose when buying music to maximize artists' profits?

Although I find Spotify immensely convenient, I occasionally read that music streaming services like Spotify has small payouts to artists. With new solutions like Cloud Player, where one can stream ...
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Where do 5.1 (surround sound) soundtracks end up? [closed]

I know most music is never produced in 5.1 or 7.1, but I know with Blu-rays, most soundtracks from large film companies are surround sound. Obviously I can listen to 5.1 while the movie is playing, ...
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Why are vinyl records now so prestigious?

During our lives we have seen several important changes of the playback format of our music. In my case the most significant was the passage of tapes to CD and then to digital MP3 files. Regardless ...
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Multi-channels for audio standard

The audio format commonly found for CD's (and older LP's as well) is the classic stereo (two channels: left & right). For the video, the standards was stereo in the begining (perhaps mono even) ...
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What was the first music recording reproduced for sale in any format?

What was the first music recording that people could go to the shop and buy a copy of? Was it even a gramophone record, or was it some kind of wax cylinder recording?
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