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Why do CD "releases" often contain only one big, long FLAC file instead of individual track files?

I have noticed that many lossless (pirate) releases of CDs don't contain each track as its own FLAC file. Instead, there is one big FLAC file of the entire disc, with every track baked together, and ...
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1 answer

Why the persistent clicking sound on Kraftwerk's 'The Man-Machine' album?

On Kraftwerk's original 1978 album 'The Man-Machine' there is a persistent clicking sound thru most of the album. You can hear it by first minute of the first song, "The Robots". Was this ...
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Is there a music score search engine?

Is there a good search engine to find music based on the melody or score? I frequently find myself wondering what a certain song is for which I can hum the tune and I am wondering if there is a ...
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Apps for identifying classical music

I was pretty disillusioned with SoundHound when I attempted to identify a piece of classical music that I recognized but could not remember the name to and the app told me that the song could not be ...
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