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T99 - Anasthasia what is the vocal saying around 2:30 into the track?

There is a break and the vocal is saying something in a language I'm not sure what it is. I would like to understand what it is.
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What is a deep and scratchy voice called?

In this cover of Tom’s Diner by AnnenMayKantereit x Giant Rooks Does the type of voice of the deep and scratchy guy have a name or a genre it’s usually associated with?...
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Trying to find Shipibo-Conibo-Shetebo ethnic group music “Icaro chants” [closed]

Recently i found an album of David Darling called Mudanin Kata made in collaboration with indigenous people from Taiwann Now I am trying to find something similar, but ...
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Which song beat is it in Justin Bieber song lonely?

Justin Bieber released his new song Lonely which I feel is a beat of some other song which I have listened. But I can’t remember which one. Listen the song after 40 ...
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Voice quality with vocalist age increased

Taking example of Sir Rod Stewart with current age as 75 years, i see the same melody,sweetness in his voice. What are the different factors attributing to this? I mean as a singer's (human being) age ...
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Example of a pop song where a male singer sings F2/G2

On this post on Music SE, In popular music I don't believe it's true. You hardly see women singing above F5 or G5, while tenors, like Bruno Mars for example, easily reach A4 or C5. At the same time,...
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Male/Female Key vs. Octave

In many pop songs today, when the song is sung by one gender: The same gender as the singer would sing it in the original key and register. Another gender would sing the transposed version written in ...
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The two standard voices in Mexican music

Answering this question about nasal tones in popular music made me wonder. I've frequently heard songs from Mexico that pair two singers, one with a noticeably more nasal sound. For example: ...
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