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When did the Goombay genre start?

Goombay was around from a long time in The Bahamas. The earliest reference I can discover was made by Zora Neale Hurston in 1930. She states the one of The Bahamian drummers shouted Goombay before he ...
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When did the Goombay genre start?

I found a track called Goombay Drums by Blind Blake in 1952, release in a 78 rpm vinyl album called A Third Album Of Bahamian Songs. The title refers to the goombay drums, a percussion instrument from ...
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I'm wondering if there is a word for drum rhythms that make you want to dance?

Since this word (or words) would best be used to describe the audience-performer interactions, I would suspect that there isn't going to be an obscure word for this. That is due to the fact that the ...
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Unusual percussion in the theme from High Noon

The percussion part sounds like a muffled snare drum but Dimitri Tiomkin who composed the song for the film used a Novachord to create the sound. The Novachord is often considered to be the world's ...
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