It sounds like there is a woman speaking on the track "The Movie" from Permanent Vacation album. Does anyone know what she is saying, or can it be translated into english?

  • Great question. I've always wondered. I am pretty sure it's some form of Russian. Commented Nov 2, 2021 at 18:25

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There is a reddit post which mentions a wikipedia article for Aerosmith's "Permanent Vacation " album.

wiki page text :

Drew Arnott – mellotron on "Angel" and "The Movie"

Christine Arnott – backing vocals on "The Movie"

Drew Arnold , member of [band Strange Advance] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_Advance).

reddit article also says

Stands to reason these two would be related. Drew Arnott is in a band from Vancouver. I found this obituary for a woman named Christine Arnott from the Vancouver Sun which mentions a son Drew, and says

Chris joined the Vancouver Gaelic Society and sang in the Gaelic Choir, which allowed her to enjoy two of her favourite pastimes - singing and laughing. Her Gaelic skills even led her to appear on an Aerosmith album!

The obituary article also mentions :

Chris was born October 14, in Glasgow, to John and Morag MacPherson. Mum loved to dance and spent many happy hours twirling around the dancehalls of Glasgow, especially the Highlanders Institute. She loved being on the Isle of Harris with her cousin Rachel and her aunt and uncle Nora and Donald John, where the Gaelic culture she enjoyed so much, thrived.

so the words would be Scots Gaelic

This youtube video has a description which lists the words :

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players" ~ Shakespeare Scots Gaidhlig, spoken by Christine Arnott, Words and translation are:

"Theid sinn dhachaidh am bliadhna seo 's bith ceilidh mhor againn, We'll go home this year and we'll have a big ceilidh,

's theid sinn chun na Hearadh agus ni sin ceilidh air Nora agus Raonailt and we'll go to Harris and visit Nora and Rachel

's tha mi an dochas gu faigh sinn buntata agus sgadan. I hope we get potato and herring

'S theid sin gu Scalpaidh 's theid sinn a choimhead air Mairi agus And we'll go to Scalpay and visit Mairi and"......faded out under music

source credited by the YT poster is a broken yahoo link.....although the same is also quoted in a commment in the Amazon store for the same album.

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