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What is the song played by Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2?

Based on Janice Lim's comment the YouTube video, 사랑은 언제나 오래 참고 (Love is Always Patient) It's a Christian/gospel song (which supports the church scene in the video) based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. ...
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What is the first North Korean song in this video called?

The song is Unification Rainbow (통일무지개), as performed by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble (보천보전자악단).
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What is the family theme piano song in "Legend of the Blue Sea"?

It's not clear from your question which theme you are looking for, but what seems to be a complete soundtrack listing is in the Wikipedia article: "Love Story" Kim Jang-woo Kim Ji-hyang "A ...
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