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He also talks about them in leave me alone..."fill balloons up full of doubts, thoughts are racing" and a bunch more references to them throughout the song.


The lyrics are in Serbian, not Russian. These lines come from the song "Ruse kose curo imaš": Serbian text: Aman, da gi žalim, ne bi ti gi dala da gi mrsiš ti! Translation (by lyricstranslate) Even if I did, I wouldn't give them to you To play with them You can listen to the song itself, performed by Gordana Lazarević, on YouTube: ...


I feel like you have highlighted the answer to this question through listing and underlining those Tracks. When I listen to the first track in your list i.e Despacitio, i see Enrique in related Videos. Then we all go by trends and YouTube can become a Rabbit Hole whereby one keeps clicking on related items. Just Despacito becoming a Hit Track could lead to ...


I listen the song now. The lyrics are not in Russian. They are in hindi. Here you have the english translation:


They represent his burdens as he says in "The Search", something along the lines of "I brought a few burdens with me", and he points to the balloons.

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